badass sailor moon art by kevin wada

Check it out. In this amazing illustration created for Alternative Press Expo 2012, artist Kevin Wada reinterprets the characters from Sailor Moon and gives them a grittier, more badass look. In the artist's own words:
I wanted to grunge up the girls a bit. The show is very saccharine and sweet and playful - which is fantastic, but as with anything I do, I have to add something else. Reinterpret things, make it mine. Not that reinterpreting this series is new, it’s been done to death. I always had a soft spot for Mars and Jupiter: one being super bitchy and hot headed, and the other being really athletic and hardcore. Both of them were far from boring, and you can see why I featured them so prominently (Mars may be my favorite in this piece). I only watched the series before the additions of other scouts, so I’m not as familiar with them. Either way I hope you enjoy the piece.
He also recently rendered the Pokemon characters with a similar treatment. Amazing stuff. To see more work from Kevin Wada, check out his Tumblr here.

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