fund this: raskal love documentary

This is a last-minute fundraising plea for Raskal Love, a documentary that tells the incredible life story of Vanna Fut, aka "Lazy," directed by Byron Q. The majority of the project has been filmed, but now they need funds to finish post-production. Here's the video with the pitch:

Here's some more information about the film:
This is a passion project that I have decided to take on to tell the story of Vanna Fut aka "Lazy". Vanna was initiated into TRG (Tiny Raskal Gang) at the young age of 11years old. He takes us through his life on the streets being homeless and involved in gang violence, to becoming a pioneering break dancer in Seattle during the 90's. Later we learn of his unique story of landing a role in a cult gangster genre film in 2011. This is the inspiring story of a man who against all odds, has the will to strive for more and pursue his dreams. It is the story of family, and of three generations of gangs as seen through the eyes of someone who lived it, and is still involved in it. It is the story of the human heart, and of love. Raskal Love.
The goal is to raise $7,126 by Saturday afternoon, and as I write this, they're about halfway there. For further information about Raskal Love, and to make a pledge, go to the Kickstarter campaign page here.

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