middle school teacher accused of lewd acts found dead

This week in Albany, California, a middle school teacher who had been accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a former student was found of an apparent suicide: East Bay teacher accused of lewd act with former student found dead of possible suicide.

28-year James Izumizaki, a sixth grade teacher at Albany Middle School, was found dead in his car. Police didn't disclose many deatils, but based on the nature of his death and a note that was left, it appears he took his own life.

Last month, Izumizaki was arrested after police began investigating a report that he had an inappropriate relationship with a former student. He was booked on suspicion of performing a lewd act with a child under 14, and released on bail:
Izumizaki, a sixth-grade teacher, was arrested at his home Sept. 26 on suspicion of performing a lewd act with a child under 14. A parent told a teacher about the alleged relationship with a female former student. The claim was forwarded to district officials, who placed Izumizaki on administrative leave and alerted police.

He posted bail and was released from jail after his arrest. The Alameda County District Attorney's Office did not immediately file charges pending further investigation, according to deputy district attorney Teresa Drenick.

Izumizaki was a teacher and coach at Albany Middle School for five years and had coached a volleyball and a basketball team, district officials said last week. After he was placed on leave, school officials said they would split students from his sixth-grade class among nine other classes at the school.
Doesn't seem like there's much more to say. The whole thing has rocked this school community. More here: Albany school community 'shaken' by accused teacher's apparent suicide.

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