the shattered tour: comics, stereotypes and history

We're coming up on the release of the brand new Asian American comics anthology Shattered, the highly-anticipated follow-up to the pioneering collection Secret Identities. Pre-order your copy here.

To promote the book, the creative team is hitting the road with a unique, interactive multimedia tour -- a modified version of the Marvels and Monsters exhibition currently on display at New York's Museum of Chinese in America, curated by editor-in-chief Jeff Yang.

The Shattered tour programming includes one of more of the following:
- A live multimedia presentation by SI UNIVERSE's creators, featuring images, video, and audio;

- An interactive "Build a Hero/Villain" workshop, in which SI UNIVERSE artists and editors work with the audience in real time to develop and draw an original superhero or arch-villain that reflects a complex, nuanced, and authentic cultural identity;

- Kiosk installations that showcase the history, cultural context, and comic book depiction of the five pop-culture archetypes addressed in SHATTERED: the stoic Brute (coolies, gangsters, henchmen, and martial artists); the cerebral Brain (mad scientists, ancient wise men, maladroit nerds, and overachieving whiz kids); the exotic Temptress (the sensual femme fatale of a thousand faces); the inscrutable Alien (the eternal foreigner, utterly incomprehensible, totally unassimilable); and the devious Manipulator (puppet master and conspirator who seeks to control and conquer from the shadows); and

- Guided breakout sessions that allow deeper sharing and discussion of the personal impact of stereotypes on participants' real lives.
The SI UNIVERSE team is currently in discussions to bring the tour to schools and community groups around the United States.

If your school, museum or other institution is interested in hosting the tour, visit the official website and fill out the form, or contact Keith Chow, SI Universe Outreach Director, at keith@secretidentities.org.

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