fund this: fred chao's alison and her rainy day robot

Crazy late posting this, but if you're fan of comics, I want to make sure you're aware of Alison and Her Rainy Day Robot, the latest project from author/illustrator Fred Chao. It's currently winding down a Kickstarter campaign for a print run of a 64-page full-color hardcover children's book. Here's the video with more information:

Here's the story:
Alison is bored bored BORED on a rainy day. She decides that, maybe to help her have fun, she'd build a robot--a funbot of sorts. So she and her penguins and her monkey friend Andrew work very hard to construct this robot. Unfortunately, when the robot is finally finished and turned on, it has some very boring sensibilities. And Alison and her robot argue and have to learn to become friends.
I was a big fan of Fred's previous graphic novel Johnny Hiro: Half Asian, All Hero, so this looks like a treat. He's posted most of the project online here, but wouldn't be neat to get as a pretty color hardcover book?

As I write this, the Kickstarter is down to its final hours. He's already met his fundraising goal three times over, so now it's just a matter of jumping on to get your hands on the book and other sweet goodies. Make your pledge here. And for further information about Fred Chao's work, visit his website here.

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