Sound and Fury Podcast Episode 6: Lynn Chen

We're back, angry podcast listeners! Back with the latest installment of Sound and Fury: The Angry Asian Podcast. Thanks to everyone who's downloaded and listened to the first five episodes, available here. To get them all delivered to your device as soon as they're released, be sure to subscribe.

Now on to episode six. This edition features a fun and insightful conversation with our good friend, actress and blogger Lynn Chen:

Episode 6: Lynn Chen

In episode six, I talk to awesome actor/blogger Lynn Chen about punk rock, soap opera love triangles, Asian American indie film and getting yelled at by Samuel L. Jackson.

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Some notes about this episode:

A big thanks to Lynn for taking time out to talk. Special thanks to Sabzi for the beats. And to everybody else, thanks for listening. If you dig it, please subscribe, spread the word and check back for future updates.

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