your halloween costumes, part two

Another year, another Halloween. A big thanks to everyone who submitted their awesome costume photos. (See part one here.) This is always a really fun feature to put together. Above, the Yang brothers know what time it is. Adventure Time! Here's the second and final batch of costume photos:

More Adventure Time. Fionna and Finn.

Calling Alfred Hitchcock. Tippi Hedren and a vicious, bloodthirsty bird.

Che. And dog.

Colonel Sanders and the Despicable Minions.

Seven-month-old with a pair of nunchucks. Deadly.

The Mighty Thor and his Mighty Hammer.

Korra and Mako.

Sunwoo, the little lollipop salesman.

These friends go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Peanuts! Popcorn! Hot dogs!

Russell from Up. Ready for adventure.

Nancy likes it spicy.

Superdad and Superdaughter.

That's The Spirit. And that's a picture of a camel in the background.

The family that pilots X-Wing fighters together...

Together, they defeated Loki.

And finally, zombies. Until next Halloween, stay angry.

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