angry gift guide: bruce lee game of death action figure

Yes, another Bruce Lee figure. I cannot resist! This super-detailed 12-inch limited edition Bruce Lee action figure from Enterbay will cost you good chunk of change at $329.99, but dang, look how cool it is!

Designed to look like Bruce from Game of Death, it includes two versions of the famous yellow-and-black track suit -- a normal edition and a "damaged" edition with footprints on it, like he just finished mixing it up with Kareem.

Oh, and this is the "Behind the Scene Edition," so it comes with stuff like a camera, lighting equipment and a director's chair. Like I said, very detailed. Here are some more photos of the figure:

Dude, look at all those hands! And the decapitated Bruce head. That is some ridiculous details. For more information and photos, go to the Enterbay website. And if you got three hundred bucks to drop, buy that thing for me here.

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