Evil Asian terrorists take over the White House in Olympus Has Fallen

Oh hell no. So you couldn't get enough of those villainous North Korean invaders in Red Dawn? Well, I have just the movie for you. In the newly released trailer for Olympus Has Fallen, evil North Korean terrorists infiltrate the White House and capture the President. Think Die Hard in the White House, but not to be confused with that the other upcoming Die-Hard-in-the-White-House movie White House Down.

In Olympus Has Fallen, Gerard Butler stars as a disgraced former Presidential guard who must step into action when a terrorist mastermind orchestrates a nefarious plot to take control of the White House. Good ol' Rick Yune plays Kang, the North Korean terrorist who disguises himself as a South Korean ministerial aide. Those sneaky Korean bastards! Sigh. Here's the trailer:

If you ask me, this movie's premise is even worse than Red Dawn. At least in that movie, the bad guys just launched a direct, full-scale invasion. In Olympus Has Fallen, the plot hangs on the fact that the inscrutable villains disguise themselves as Good Asian Allies -- but surprise! Of course, evil all along.

Gerard Butler, please save the White House from Kang and his merry band of Evil Invading Asians. Olympus Has Fallen opens in theaters on March 22. Expect a few reactions like this. You were warned.

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