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18MR Asks: What Happens When You Make Asians "Asian"? 18 Million Rising wondered -- what happens when you use that racist "Make Me Asian" app to make actual Asians "Asian"? They tried the app to find out for themselves. The results were not good.

Study: Racial stereotyping linked to creative stagnation: New research finds that "people prone to racial essentialism are more closed-minded, and less creative." Um, yeah.

Asian-Americans Gain Influence in Philanthropy: According to this New York Times article, a new class of affluent Asian Americans is making a mark on philanthropy in the U.S.

Love Your Body: A very important message from our friend Lynn Chen.

"Pitch Perfect" Breakout Utkarsh Ambudkar Takes On "The Mindy Project": After performing in the movie Pitch Perfect, rapper and actor Utkarsh Ambudkar was approached to play Mindy Kaling's brother on the Fox comedy The Mindy Project.

Chinese Brushstrokes in Hollywood: The Works of Tyrus Wong: Tyrus Wong was hired in the 1930s by Disney Studios to design backgrounds for Bambi. Director Pamela Tom is documenting his life to tell his story.

Aziz Ansari Interviews Aziz Ansari About Being Aziz Ansari: Aziz Ansari tells Aziz Ansari like it is.

Tom K. Wong on Life as an Undocumented Youth: UCSD assistant professor Tom K. Wong talks about growing up as an undocumented immigrant.

'Top Chef: Seattle': Kentwood's Kristen Kish talks about being the frontrunner of the current season: If you've been watching this season of Top Chef, then you know about Kristen Kish, who's been kicking ass in every episode. Learn more about her strategy, dropping egos, and social media marriage proposals.

Down-Home American, Korean Style: Meet GeeWon Anderson, a South Korean immigrant who is now the unlikely owner and operator of a dilapidated cafe in North Dakota called Charlie's.

Tim Kawakami is California Sportswriter of the Year: Tim Kawakami, sportswriter for my hometown paper, the San Jose Mercury News, has been named California Sportswriter of the Year by the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association.

Michelle Rhee, the education celebrity who rocketed from obscurity to Oprah: More on Michelle Rhee, who has turned herself into a high profile -- and controversial -- education celebrity.

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