Student Journalists! Apply to AAJA's 2013 CIC/Anna Chenault Scholarship

Hey, student journalists! Here's an opportunity for you... The Asian American Journalists Association is currently accepting applications for the 2013 Council for International Cooperation/Anna Chennault Scholarship. The scholarship is open to college freshmen going into their sophomore year.

The winner will receive a $3,900 scholarship and an opportunity to be a Voices student news project participant at the 2013 AAJA National Convention in New York with all travel, lodging and registration costs covered. Here are some more details about the scholarship:


* $3,900 will go towards the student's college education.
* $1,100 will go towards travel, lodging and registration costs for the student to attend AAJA's national annual convention in August 2013 in New York as a Voices student news project participant.
Depending on the winner's area of study, the student will also be paired with a professional print, online or broadcast mentor at the convention to help them network.


* To encourage students to pursue journalism as a career.
* To increase students' critical thinking skills and abilities to research, learn and give an opinion on a topical news item and to take a stand on this particular issue.


* Applicants must be committed to AAJA's mission.
* Applicants must be college freshmen going into their sophomore year.
* AAJA membership is not required to apply, but if the student is awarded the scholarship he/she must become an AAJA student member.
Applications must be received by May 3. For further information on how to apply, visit the AAJA website.

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