Martin Scorsese will executive produce Andrew Lau's crime drama Revenge of the Green Dragons

Some cool film news... None other than Martin Scorsese will serve as executive producer on director Andrew Lau's upcoming gangster action thriller Revenge of the Green Dragons, which is set in New York City: Martin Scorsese to Executive Produce Andrew Lau's 'Green Dragons.'

It's a fitting match, considering that Scorsese won his first and only Academy Award in 2006 for the crime drama The Departed, which was a Hollywood remake of Lau's awesome 2002 Hong Kong undercover cops-and-gangsters drama Infernal Affairs (photo above). This could be cool.

The script for Revenge of the Green Dragons was inspired by a New Yorker article on the Chinese American underworld, and tells the story of two Chinese siblings' rise and fall within a New York gang:

With shooting planned to begin in April, Revenge of the Green Dragons is fully financed by Octane, IM Global’s genre-film division, according to an announcement by IM Global CEO Stuart Ford, producer Allen Bain and Lau’s creative partner Andrew Loo. Ford and Bain will produce the film alongside Ara Katz and 7th Floor Produtions’ Jesse Scolaro, while Scorsese will executive produce alongside Deepak Nayar, Steve Squillante, Michael Bassick and Artfire’s Art Spigel.

Based on a Michael Di Jiacomo script born out of a New Yorker article about the American-Chinese underworld, the film revolves around two immigrants fighting their way up the Green Dragons gang, and then their struggle to confront their former associates after one of them is cast beyond the pale for his trysts with his clan chieftain.
The film is set to start shooting in April. Hope we get to see some kickass Asian talent in the starring roles. More here: Martin Scorsese joins production team for upcoming Andrew Lau crime thriller.

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