Not a bad day to re-visit Goh Nakamura's "Surrogate Valentine"

Oh, heck. Why not? Today also seem like a good day to revisit "Surrogate Valentine," one of my favorite songs by our good friend Goh Nakamura. Great song. Goh also stars in an indie film of the same name, but here's the low-key acoustic bedroom version he uploaded to YouTube five years ago:

And here's the music video of the single version, which acts as sort of a prequel to writer/director Dave Boyle's movie Surrogate Valentine, starring Goh, Chadd Stoops and Lynn Chen:

If you like the song, it's available for download on iTunes. If you haven't seen Goh in Surrogate Valentine the movie, or its sequel Daylight Savings, it's available for viewing online via Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Vudu and Netflix. For more information about the films, go to the Surrogate Valentine website.

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