Who won Top Chef Season 10?

Last night, Bravo's cooking competition show Top Chef crowned its tenth season winner. It was an awesome, eventful season, but it the end, it was a showdown between Kristen Kish and Brooke Williamson in front of a live audience. I'm a crazy fan of this show, and I honestly would've been cool with either chef taking the title. But of course, you know I was extra pulling for Kristen, my Top Chef crush...

After several courses of heated head to head cooking, we had a winner. Here's the video:

Awwwww yeah. Kristen is the winner of Top Chef season ten. Pretty awesome, considering she was booted off earlier in the season -- in one of the show's most controversial eliminations -- only to claw her way back to the finale by beating fellow eliminated challengers on Top Chef's concurrently running web series, Last Chance Kitchen. And she won! It was pretty damn fierce.

It's also worth noting that fellow cheftestant Sheldon Simeon, representin' Hawaii and also one of my favorite competitors this season, was voted this season's fan favorite and won $10,000. Congratulations to both Kristen and Sheldon.

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