A Message to the Producers of Hawaii Five-0

If you've seen the CBS cop drama Hawaii Five-0, you know that its island setting makes it a easy fit for Asian American actors to regularly get a guest spot -- good guys, bad guys, bit parts, walk-ons, whatever. No one is more aware of this than actors Eugene Cordero and Kulap Vilaysack, who made a video to show off just how naturally suited they are to appear on the show: Hire Eugene & Kulap For Hawaii Five-O!.

They're naturals! Are you seeing this, Hawaii Five-0 producers? The ball is in your court now. Email hireushawaiifiveoloveeugeneandkulapforactingandwriting@hotmail.com to make Eugene and Kulap's dreams come true! For more, check out both Kulap's website and Eugene's website.

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