Bad day for the Enterprise. Let's hope Sulu wasn't driving.

As a Trek fan, I am obligated to share the latest action-packed international trailer for this summer's Star Trek Into Darkness, which looks pretty darn awesome. To make it at least a little bit relevent to the purposes of this website, yes, we do indeed get another way-too-quick glimpse of John Cho reprising his role as Hikaru Sulu, acting all urgent and stuff. Take a look:

Yes, that is one gratuitous shot of Alice Eve in her underwear. Amid warp drives and transporters, interesting to note that undergarment technology hasn't changed too much in the future of the Star Trek universe.

On Facebook, George Takei pointed out a possible homage to himself, hidden in the background of the trailer. At the 0:55 mark, note the name of the spacecraft behind Kirk and Bones. Perhaps a nod to the original Sulu actor's notoriously mispronounced name?

As Uncle George puts it simply, "For those wondering, it's written Takei but pronounced Ta-kay, as in rhymes with 'gay.' Easy to remember now, no?" Star Trek Into Darkness hits theaters everywhere on May 17.

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