Vermont newspaper prints racist "Fry Rice" fan sign

Oh, hell. This latest bit of racial dumbassery comes out of Vermont... This is a photo of a back-page newspaper poster, printed up on The Caledonian-Record in support of the St. Johnsbury Academy's basketball team's upcoming game against Rice Memorial High School. FRY RICE. Get it? And of course, the ching chong font brings it alllll together. I'm sure whoever came up with this thought they were being really clever.

It's a cheap-ass joke that actually didn't have to go there. And yes, I'm saying the font needlessly racializes the joke. To the staff of The Caledonian-Record who thought of and approved this, you're a bunch of suckas. And if you used this poster to cheer on the Toppers in the state championship game against Rice, you're a sucka too. Here's the Asian American Journalists Association's response: Caledonian Record's team spirit falls flat.

UPDATE: Despite the controversy, The Caledonian Record sees no problem with poster, defended the slogan, and is overall cool with the use of racial and ethnic stereotypes for jokes -- even if they offend. Stay classy, editors: Vt. paper defends 'Fry Rice' sign supporting team.

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