Airport worker accused of stealing from luggage

Asians behaving badly... airport thievery edition! In Minneapolis, a behind-the-scenes airport worker is accused of stealing guns(!), computers, cell phones, cameras and other valuable items from checked luggage: Minneapolis airport worker accused of stealing guns, other valuables from luggage.

23-year-old David Vang, who worked maintaining baggage conveyance systems in a secure area of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, was charged with eleven counts of felony theft after he was caught on camera taking items from checked baggage. His wife, Vue Xiong, was charged with one count of felony theft for helping him take the items.

Police uncovered more than 700 stolen items from Vang's living room closet -- including 10 firearms, as well as iPads, laptop computers, projectors, cellphones, cameras, purses, watches, knives, jewelry and hunting and fishing gear -- all together valued at over $84,000:

Police had two hidden cameras installed in the area where they believed the thefts were occurring. Surveillance footage showed Vang taking items from luggage and hiding them nearby until his shift ended, the complaint added.

The surveillance also showed Vang taking the items to an employee parking ramp, where he put them in a vehicle driven by his wife, Vue Xiong, according to the charges. Xiong, 21, was charged with one count of felony theft.

Under questioning by police, Vang admitted to the theft, the complaint read. Authorities put the value of the items at $84,379.

The defendants, who were charged by summons, could not immediately be reached for comment. Vang’s first court appearance is set for April 18, Xiong’s on April 25.
Busted! You sucka thieves. Yo, I fly a lot. It's bad enough having to deal with all the hassle of air travel. Now I have to worry about some fool rummaging through my bags and stealing stuff? You suck, thief man and wife. More here: Airport Baggage Handler Accused of Stealing $84,000 Worth of Belongings.

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