Bronx man assaulted, called a "f**kin' Arab"

Well, that didn't take long. In the aftermath of the deadly Boston Marathon bombings, a man in New York City was assaulted by a group of men on the mistaken assumption that he was an "Arab": Boston Marathon Bombing Fallout: Bangladeshi Man Beaten In Bronx For Being An 'Arab.'

On Monday, 30-year-old Abdullah Faruque, who is Bangladeshi American, stepped outside an Applebee's in the Bronx when he was beaten up by a group of four or five men who called him a "fuckin' Arab." The incident is being investigated as a hate crime.

"One of the guys asked if I was Arab," Faruque, who is actually from Bangladesh and grew up in New York City, told The Post. "I just shook my head, said like, 'Yeah, whatever.' I didn't even know that [the] Boston [bombing] happened because I had a busy day."

The four or five assailants, who he described as Hispanic and had been drinking at the bar inside the restaurant, left him on the ground unconscious with a dislocated shoulder.

Faruque thinks the Boston bombings prompted the men to attack him. "I saw the news, and then it hits me: That's why I got jumped," he told The Post.
Humanity, you continue to remind me how much you suck. More here: Abdullah Faruque Says He Was Attacked, Called 'F**kin' Arab' In Bronx After Boston Bombing.

The irony is not lost on my that this story was originally reported by the New York Post, which in true irresponsible, sensational New York Post-ian fashion, published a cover story implicating two innocent men -- yes, two brown guys -- in Monday's bombings: New York Post Stands By Boston Marathon Story As Criticism Mounts.

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