NYPD Chief Thomas Chan appointed head of Community Affairs

NYPD Chief Thomas Chan, currently head of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South, has been appointed the new head of the Community Affairs Bureau, the department's community policing initiative: New NYPD Community Affairs Chief Thomas Chan grew up in city housing.

Chan, the first Asian American to be made a two-star NYPD chief, is a 31-year member of the force, is fluent in three languages -- English, Cantonese and Toisan -- and grew up in a Manhattan housing project. He'll be officially elevated to his new command during a promotion ceremony on Friday.

Here's some more information about his background:

Chief Chan will also oversee the Juvenile Justice Division, which includes the Youth Services Section and the Juvenile Enforcement Coordination Section, the Community Affairs New Immigrant Outreach Unit, and the Crime Prevention Section.

Chief Chan, 55, joined the New York City Police Department in January 1982, and began his career on patrol in Manhattan’s 26th Precinct. He was promoted to Sergeant in November 1985; Lieutenant in May 1989; Captain in July 1993; Deputy Inspector in August 1995; Inspector in November 2000; Deputy Chief in October 2004; and Assistant Chief in January 2010.

He has served in the 5th, 7th and 26th Precincts, as well as Highway Units 1 and 2; the Traffic Division; the Office of the Chief of Department; Patrol Borough Manhattan South; Patrol Borough Staten Island; Patrol Borough Queens North; Manhattan South Detective Operations and the School Safety Division.

Before being appointed Commanding Officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South in July 2011, Chief Chan served as Commanding Officer of the School Safety Division and has also commanded the 5th Precinct and Manhattan South Detective Operations. He also served as Executive Officer of Patrol Borough Queens North, Patrol Borough Manhattan South, and the 5th and 7th Precincts. Chief Chan was Adjutant of Patrol Boroughs Manhattan South and Staten Island.
More here: Chief Thomas Chan Promoted to Head NYPD Community Affairs Bureau.

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