Help Sikh Coalition take action against offensive textbooks

Got this information passed along to me on behalf of the Sikh Coalition, a community-based civil and human rights organization that serves as a resource on Sikhs and Sikh concerns for governments, organizations and individuals.

The Sikh Coalition is asking for help in looking for social studies textbooks that make mention of Sikhs or Sikhism, in order to identify incorrect and/or damaging information that perpetuates misinformation and promotes stereotypes.

The truth is, educators often teach from the textbook without bothering to verify the accuracy of the information they're teaching. This, unfortunately, includes a world history textbook that calls Sikhs "terrorists": Help Us Create a "Most Wanted" List of Offending Textbook Manufacturers.

The Problem: We can only fix a problem when we know what is out there. How many textbooks are our nation’s children reading that have incorrect information about Sikhs?

Our Request: Today, we are asking you to look through your child's social studies textbook and find any mention of Sikhs or Sikhism. It does not matter if the information is true or false. We want to know EVERY mention of Sikhs in these books. Then, click here and fill out this form. It is very important that you attach scans of each page that has information on Sikhs or Sikhism. Don't have a scanner? No problem! You can also take pictures of the pages and upload those images as well.

"Sikhism is a branch of Hinduism..."

This inaccurate statement is found in multiple textbooks that students read across the country. Textbooks are an educational tool meant to provide accurate information, but with statements like this one, they often perpetuate misinformation and promote stereotypes.

We need to act quickly. Once schools close for summer vacation, your child will no longer have access to his/her textbooks. It is important that you take this action now.
Help in the effort by filling out the form here. For further information, email education@sikhcoalition.org.

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