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[SPOILERS] 'Fast & Furious 6': Sung Kang talks about Han's journey from 'Tokyo Drift' -- SPOILERS: Seriously, SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER. Sung Kang talks about Fast & Furious 6, playing Han for a decade, and closing the loop on his character's final ride to Tokyo.

Justin Lin's "Yellow Face" is Fast & Furious: After you've watched Fast & Furious 6 a couple of times, get yourself ready for that other Justin Lin project, YOMYOMF's direct-to-YouTube feature adaptation of David Henry Hwang's Yellow Face -- premiering in two parts on June 8th and 9th.

Give Spam a Chance: Slate takes on what Asians have been saying for years. A great synopsis on the history of the canned meat -- including its place in Hawaiian cuisine.

Why I'm Tired of Being an (Asian) Actor: When Alexis Camins auditioned for a part parodying a tribal chief, he was shocked to find out who was actually cast: a white guy.

Asian-Americans: Smart, High-Incomes And ... Poor?: Asian-Americans have the highest income and education levels of any racial group in the country. So it might be surprising that they have a higher poverty rate than non-Hispanic whites. Michel Martin discusses the issue with Algernon Austin of the Economic Policy Institute and Rosalind Chou, co-author of The Myth of the Model Minority.

An Interview With Annyong (a.k.a. Justin Lee)!: Now that Arrested Development is back on, will we see more of the Korean adoptee and spy Annyong? Yes!

Cannes Film Festival: A 'Bling Ring' Star's Head-Spinning Trip: An interview with Katie Chang, who plays the ringleader of Sofia Coppola's Bling Ring, a film about a group of well-to-do teens who broke into celebrity homes to steal clothes.

Takei says Cho good choice for latest 'Star Trek': Takei says it, and so shall it be.

For 'Hangover' Star Ken Jeong, Laughter Really is the Best Medicine: How Jeff Yang reluctantly came to consider The Hangover's Leslie Chow, played by Ken Jeong, his spirit animal.

5 Hollywood War Films that Acknowledge the Existence of Asian American Soldiers: In honor of Memorial Day, revisit this YOMYOMF post on Asian American characters in Hollywood war movies.

Memorial for David Phan: Last November, Utah junior high student David Phan committed suicide after enduring constant unchecked bullying. On the week that would have marked David Phan's 15th birthday, Hyphen posted an online "memorial" to keep his memory and the call for justice alive.

RAISE Our Story: RAISE Our Story is a social media project for sharing the inspiring stories of undocumented immigrants who arrived in the United States as children -- stories that are often overlooked in the narrative surrounding immigration reform.

Young Citizen of the Year: Andy Hsiao has passion for creative fundraising: High school student Andy Hsiao is the AnnArbor.com Young Citizen of the Year. Hsiao, 17, is the founder of Youth Impact, a group that strives to help youths create their own fundraising projects.

The Beauty of Bounded Gaps: Yitang "Tom" Zhang, a professor at the University of New Hampshire, made a huge discovery about the distribution of prime numbers. What does this mean for the future of math?

Seeing The Northern Light: A Temporary Arctic Retirement: Inspired by a TED talk, Winston Chen quit his job at a software company to do something completely different. So, he moved his family and lived in Norway for a year.

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