Get the award-winning short Works of Art on iTunes

If you want to see a really wonderful, award-winning short film, and you don't mind plunking down a dollar ninety-nine, Works of Art is now available for download on iTunes.

Directed by Andrew Pang, and written by and starring Paul Juhn, with music by Big Phony, the film is a fun, romantic tale about Art, a struggling New York actor who reluctantly agrees to do his friend John an unusual favor: go on a blind date for John -- as John. Here's the trailer:

The film made the round on the festival circuit a couple of years ago, and I fell in love it from start to finish -- I'd love to see it developed into a feature. Support some independent Asian American artists -- it's well worth the $1.99. For more information on Works of Art, visit the website, and download the film on iTunes.

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