It's Jeremy Lin Fan Appreciation Week

Looking back, it was a pretty eventful NBA season for Houston Rockets star Jeremy Lin. To thank all the fans who stuck with Jeremy through all the ups and downs, he's giving back with J.Lin7 Fan Appreciation Week, a multi-day online celebration of Q&As, contests and more. Here's the rundown of events:

Facebook Q&A
Monday (6/3) from 6 pm-7 pm PST
Join me for a live Q/A session at facebook.com/jeremylin7 and facebook.com/Jeremy-Lin-林書豪

Rockets Artwork Contest
Tuesday (6/4)
Tweet @jlin7 a picture of any Rockets artwork that you previously created. Five (5) individuals will win a signed Linsanity Poster*.

Instagram Impersonation Contest
Wednesday (6/5)
Post a picture on Instagram @jlin7 of your best impersonation of a Rockets player. Best impersonation will win a signed Houston Rockets jersey. Five (5) others will win a signed Linsanity Poster*.

SINA Weibo Q&A
Thursday (6/6) from 11pm-12 am PST (Friday-2 pm CST)
Join me for a live Q/A session on SINA Weibo http://www.weibo.com/jlin7

Multiple Choice Quiz
Friday (6/7)
Be the first person to answer all seven (7) multiple choice questions correctly on facebook.com/jeremylin7 and win a signed pair of shoes. Quiz will be posted at 9 am PST. Only one (1) submission per person. Five (5) other individuals that answer all the questions correctly will win a signed Linsanity poster.*

*Winners will be announced daily
For further information, head over to Jeremy Lin's official website.

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