Finally, an Asian guy who's good at math.

Exciting news from the world of mathematics! This news is actually a couple of months old... Francis Su, a math professor at Harvey Mudd College in California, was recently elected the president of the Mathematical Association of America: Francis Su Elected MAA President.

Su is the first Asian American, and first person of color (seriously, no kidding), to serve as President of the Mathematical Association of America, in its nearly 100 years of existence. It is about time, yo.

The MAA is the largest professional society that focuses on mathematics at the undergraduate level. Su will serve as the organization's 55th president, and is one of the youngest presidents in MAA's history.

Su's contributions to the MAA include serving on several editorial boards -- Focus (2012-2014), American Mathematical Monthly (2007-2011), Math Horizons (2003-2008) and Spectrum (2000-2003) -- and committees, including the Council on Meetings and Professional Development and the Association for Women in Science/MAA Awards Task Force. He formerly served as first vice president of the MAA (2010-2012).

The MAA previously recognized Su with the Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Award for Distinguished Teaching of Mathematics (2013), the James R.C. Leitzel Lecture (2006), the Henry L. Alder Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Beginning College or University Mathematics Faculty Member (2004) and the Merten M. Hasse Prize for outstanding mathematical exposition (2001).

Su joined the HMC faculty in 1996. His research interests include geometric and topological combinatorics, and applications to game theory and the social sciences. His article, "Teaching Research: Encouraging Discoveries," was featured in The Best Writing on Mathematics 2011, published by Princeton University Press.
Su will become president of the Mathematical Association of America in February 2015, after serving a year as president-elect. He is also the creator of the award-winning Math Fun Facts website and the Math Fun Facts iPhone app. You can follow him on Twitter. (Thanks, Jay.)

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