Fund This: Advantageous, a sci-fi feature by Jennifer Phang

Advantageous, directed by Jennifer Phang and co-written with actor Jacqueline Kim, is a new sci-fi feature about a mother and daughter struggling to survive together in 2041. Originally conceived as a short film for the ITVS mini-narrative series Futurestates, they're making it into a feature, and are currently in the home stretch of a Kickstarter campaign to make it happen. Can you help?

The story concerns Gwen, a spokeswoman for a cutting-edge biotech firm, who considers a dangerous, breakthrough technology that is the only hope for a better life for her daughter. The story takes place at a tipping point in artificial intelligence and neuroscience and speculates on the impact of a *singularity on the future of the lives of women and girls. Watch this video for more information on the project:

Jennifer Phang is an award-winning filmmaker, and the short film version of Advantageous has already garnered a lot of praise on the film festival circuit. How about helping the feature version become a reality? The goal is to raise $30,000 by July 12. Time is running out! For further information about the project, and to make a pledge, head over to Kickstarter.

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