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Adam: Ashley's good friend Adam went back to Korea for the first time since being adopted to the United States at age 4. Ashley created a comic chronicling Adam's emotional return to his birthland.

Dueling Stereotypes: Bad Asian Drivers, Good At Everything: Twitter exploded with racist crap after the Asiana airplane crash last week. Kat Chow of NPR's "Code Switch" talks about the opposing stereotypes that Asians are put in: being bad drivers, but good at everything.

America, Japan and the Giant Robots They Both Love: Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming Pacific Rim is a movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters -- and we all know that the Japanese love them some giant robots and monsters. So why aren't Japanese audiences excited about the movie?

Culturalism, Gladwell, and Airplane Crashes: Ask A Korean gives a sound break down Malcolm Gladwell's misguided and dangerous conclusions about Korean culture in relation to airplane disasters.

Glendale steps into controversy with memorial to WWII sex slaves: When city officials in Glendale, California proposed a memorial to "comfort women" forced into Japanese military brothels during World War II, they soon realized that they had stepped into a major international controversy.

6 Things That Will Happen Now That The Sanctity Of Marriage Is Destroyed: George Takei and the consequences of the Supreme Court's repealing section 3 of DOMA.

Taking On Rules to Ease Sikhs' Path to the Army: Sikhs have been barred from joining the U.S. Army because of their religious tradition of keeping their hair and beards uncut.

What The Lack Of Asian-Americans Says About Miami: If "Miami is the face of America's future," Elaine Chen ponders the small percentage of Asian Americans that make up Miami's population.

Sin City Republican Woos Asian Vote to Curb Defections: In the hopes of retaining votes of the Asian American population, Nevada Republicans are working hard to keep this demographic happy.

Spotlight: Dickson Lam and Ted Closson Writer Dickson Lam shares an autobiographical comic dealing with domestic violence, adapted from a chapter in his memoir-in-progress.

Enter the Dragon, With Johnnie Walker?: China's latest Johnnie Walker ad contains a CGI Bruce Lee. (The likeness is creepy at moments.) His daughter, Shannon, talks about the family's decision in allowing the ad to be run and the use of her father's image.

Where are all the Asian rom com leads?: Asians have long served as a punchline to romantic comedy classics, and recently, they've played sidekicks. But when will we see an Asian as a lead in a rom com?

Exclusive 3-song sampler from Vienna Teng: Singer-songwriter Vienna Teng releases her fifth album, Aims-- while she's been doing graduate studies on sustainability at the University of Michigan. Here's how her research has influenced her album.

Ken Jeong: 'Turbo' Is for My Daughters: Realizing that his naked, trunk-jumping character in The Hangover isn't the best role model for his two young daughters, Ken Jeong lends a voice to the animated Dreamworks film, Turbo, about a snail who dreams of winding the Indy 500.

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