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How to Ask Someone About Their Ethnicity Without Being an Asshole: "Fret not, dear reader. I'm here to sift through insane Yahoo! Answers and my own Brown Girl Feelings to tell you exactly how not to be an asshole when asking a Not White Person about their ethnicity. It's really very simple once you get the hang of it! Let's practice together, shall we?"

[UPDATE] 9 Wack Things White Guys Say to Deny their Asian Fetish: Boom. When Kristina Wong calls out white dudes on their long history of dating Asian women, here are nine stupid answers she gets.

My Termination from the OCA Summer Internship Program: Juliet Shen, former intern with OCA, shares about the anti-corporation sentiments and actions that led to her termination from the internship program.

Having more diverse newsrooms won't always prevent errors like KTVU's, but it would help: How can media outlets minimize such ridiculously racist WTF moments like KTVU's? Perhaps more diversity in the newsroom.

Immigration Disguises Severity of Poverty Among Asians in U.S.: According to a new report by the National Coalition for APA Community Development, "AAPI poor are one of the fastest growing poverty populations in the wake of the Recession."

Comedian Hari Kondabolu On Diversity, Race And Burger King: NPR's "Code Switch" profiles Hari Kondabolu, whose jokes include commentaries on race, politics, and gender.

On Spelling Bee Champs, Brown Parents and Reading the Room: A Q&A With Comedian Hari Kondabolu: Another great interview with comedian Hari Kondabolu.

So, I Ask You, What If Trayvon Martin Was Asian?: ChangeLab's Scot Nakagawa revisits the scenario he posed a year before the George Zimmerman murder verdict was decided.

Being a person in this country: Another day, another racist heckler. Jessica P. Wong wonders how we can be perceived as people in the U.S.

Bruce Lee Exhibition Opens in Hong Kong: Hong Kong celebrates Bruce Lee's legacy with the opening of a new exhibit at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. I must make a pilgrimage.

Unauthorized play about Oscar-winner Haing S. Ngor causes friction: Henry Ong's "Sweet Karma" is a play largely based on the life of Killing Fields survivor and Academy Award winner Haing S. Ngor, but Ngor's estate is upset by the play's blending of fact and fiction.

Bar Uses Historical Reenactments as 'Teaching Tool': For the past 6 years, the New York's Asian American Bar Association has been reenacting historic events in Asian American legal history, compiling original court transcripts, photographs, and letters.

Rushin Index: Top Tims of all-time: San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum recently threw a no-hitter. But how does he stack up against the other Tims of professional sports? Sports Illustrated presents the All-Time, All-Tim Team, listed in reverse order of greatness.

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