FishbowlDC, racist jokes and the phrase that needs to die

Make no mistake: casual anti-Asian racism ain't nothing new. The internet just provides more opportunities for people to be idiots about it. This latest one comes courtesy of the clever folks at FishbowlDC, who thought they'd include a hi-lar-ious racist joke in their recent "reviews" of The Hill's annual "Most Beautiful" list: FishbowlDC's Betsy Rothstein Prints Hilarious Racist Joke, Because 'Class.'

Stop me if you've heard this one before. In their snarky assessment of Dr. Jennifer Lee's photo, editor Betsy Rothstein chose to throw down the laziest f$%king racist joke this side of Full Metal Jacket: "Mi so horny?"

Piranhamous: Casual staircase.

Peter: I've been instructed not to touch this one.

Anonymous journo: "The doctor is in"? Okay, but only if she's wearing a glove.

Justin: Dermatologist, right? That is some porcelain skin.

Betsy: Mi so horny?
Seriously, that's it? That's all you've got, Betsy? Dude, the phrase didn't even make the cut in Day Above Ground's lyrics for "Asian Girlz." This shitty line, with a signal boost from 2 Live Crew, has been plaguing Asian women for years. And Dr. Lee gets it for just standing there, smiling and being an Asian woman.

"Me so horny." It's a phrase that needs to die.

Of course, FishbowlDC has quietly gone back and stealthily scrubbed the entry. Betsy's contribution now reads, "I wonder what kind of moisturizer she uses." Awwww, that's no fun. Backing off from your racist bullshit?

Sure, The Hill's list is silly, and is deserving of a little ridicule. Doesn't mean you have to go there. Jennifer Lee, by the way, is Special Assistant for Community Engagement at Veterans Health Administration, a part-time ER doctor, and a White House fellow.

More here: FishbowlDC On Asian-American Veterans Affairs Official Jennifer Lee: 'Mi So Horny.'

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