I Want To Go To There: The Ramen Burger

Is this the next New York food craze? Do you like ramen? Do like burgers? Yes and yes. Behold the ramen burger, a magical, somewhat unholy new food creation that combines a hamburger patty with a bun made from fried ramen noodles. Whaaaaaaaat. Where do I line up for this culinary craziness?

The limited edition ramenburger, created by ramen chef Keizo Shimamoto, made its debut over the weekend at the Smorgasburg food fair in Brooklyn, where hungry folks lined up for hours to get a taste of what they hoped would be noodle-y goodness: Ramen Burger Poised To Become New York's Next Food Craze.

So is it any good? I don't know. But that photo makes me want to find out. Now.

More here: Photos: Ramen Burgers With Secret Sauce Hit The Spot

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