Staged Reading of Pretendo: A Musical, August 11

Video games. Musicals. Yes, Los Angeles. This Sunday, two worlds collide, and it sounds like it's gonna be pretty awesome. Pretendo is a musical about the rise of Nintendo and a kid who looks to video games for identity and belonging. Not sold yet? Two of our favorite musicians, Paul Dateh and Jane Lui, are lined up to perform this staged reading. Bam. Here's more info:

A staged reading Workshop of the first act of an original Musical celebrating the rise of 80's 8-Bit Gaming Culture!

Sunday @ 6pm


Music, book, and lyrics by Howard Ho
It's 1983 and Billy can't catch a break. He's bullied and worse, he can't get past the next level of Game Wars on the Tari 260. When he meets Spaceman on Compuserve, his luck changes. But Spaceman has a secret and isn't who Billy thinks. What happens when Billy tires to find real connection in a cyber world?

Featuring Youtube Artists Paul Dateh & Jane Lui,
plus Randy Guiaya, Nathan Bouldin, Nathan Turner, Jully Lee, Chadd Stoops, Katharine Chin, and Rona Par Miyasaki!
Directed by Andy Lowe
The event is free with a suggested $5 donation. For more information, go to the Facebook event.

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