Stop the deportation of Gurmukh Singh

Spreading the word... I just learned about the plight of Gurmukh Singh, a husband and father to two daughters, who has been detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, separated from his family, and is now facing deportation to India -- where he fears for his life.

Gurmukh is a family man and an upstanding community member with no criminal record. He came to the United States to escape religious persecution, but was essentially screwed over by the immigration system on multiple levels. Now his family is being torn apart, and he faces possible death in India.

Here's a heartbreaking video with Gurmukh's wife and daughters:

Here's some more info:
Gurmukh fled India over 15 years ago and came to the United States to escape persecution for being of the Sikh faith. Gurmukh was involved in a peaceful movement for a new country for the Sikh minority in India. Because his beliefs and involvement in this movement Gurmukh was kidnapped and tortured twice, once he heard the police were going to his house so he decided to flee India and since members of his family have gone missing. Gurmukh cannot go back to India he faces possible death for his involvement.

When Gurmukh tried to seek asylum, the attorney he hired delegated the case to an inexperienced legal assistant who did not accurately depict his plight. The judge downplayed his religious practice and did not believe he was a Sikh member. He appeal but was denied again at the 9th circuit but his attorney did not notify Gurkmukh that he had an order of removal. Unaware of the final order he tried to fix his status through his wife’s petition since an immigration specialist he downplayed the order or removal

When Gurmukh and his family attended an immigration interview he was placed in ICE custody front of his family. Gurmukh tried to at least hug his children goodbye but ICE would not let him hug his 11 and 14-year-old daughters goodbye.
For further information, and to lend your support for the Singh family by signing the online petition, go here.

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