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VIDEO: Big Brother's Aaryn Confronted by Julie Chen for Racist Comments: Host Julie Chen confronts Aaryn Gries, aka The Most Racist, Homophobic Reality Show Contestant Ever, in her exit interview after she finally gets the boot from the Big Brother house.

Why Are So Few Chinese Youth Applying for DACA? It's been a year since the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals memorandum was passed, but why are there so few eligible Chinese immigrants applying for it? Fear for the status of their families, lack of media coverage relating the issue to Chinese immigrants, and the stigma of being "undocumented," for starters.

First Days: South Asian Americans Share Stories of Their First Days in America: Samip Mallic of the Philadelphia-based South Asian American Digital Archive is collecting micro-histories through the First Days Project, documenting South Asian immigrants' first days in the U.S.

The Baggage of Racial Bullying: When her 4-year-old daughter complained about two boys being mean to her at school, Hyphen's Theresa Celebran Jones thought about her own experiences with bullying growing up in Connecticut.

In America, A New Asian Creative Class: In 2012, Richard Florida estimated that Asians make up 6.1 percent of creative jobs in the U.S., showing a shift in stereotypes.

The Best Map Ever Made of America's Racial Segregation: Last year, researchers at Duke University published a report concluding that U.S. cities were less segregated now than 100 years ago. But what does less segregated even mean? Here's an amazing map that depicts how racial segregation still exists.

An adopted son discovers more than he expected in return to South Korea: Matt Stevens was adopted from South Korea to an American family at 4 months, never really thinking about his adoption. Recently, he met his biological mother, and a simple "thank you" on his part turned into a much more complex response from her.

"We gave him up to save his life": For five increasingly horrific years, the adoption agencies insisted that Chad Ostrowski's memory of a father in Korea was fantasy. When Anne Marie and John finally learned the truth about their beloved boy, they made the ultimate sacrifice.

Volleyball as you've never seen it: D.C. hosts Chinese 9-man: 9-man is a faster, rougher version of volleyball, and originated in Taishan, China. Violent dunks and quintuple blocks are encouraged. This article offers a nice breakdown of 9-man in the U.S. in connection to Chinese American history.

How I Survive Everyday Racism: Pastor Bruce Reyes-Chow on the casually racist comments he receives and how he's learned to deal with them.

An Illustrated Tribute to the Films of Wong Kar-Wai: Film.com scoured the internet and compiled a gallery of some gorgeous creative tributes to the films of celebrated auteur Wong Kar-Wai.

'Grandmaster' Ziyi Zhang: 'I Can Do Better Than Just Kicking Ass': Ziyi Zhang plays martial artist Gong Er in the new film The Grandmaster. The kickass actress sat down with NPR's Tell Me More to talk about working with Wong Kar-Wai, the portrayal of women in kung fu movies, and why she won't move to Hollywood.

'Boxers & Saints': Gene Luen Yang talks East-West culture clash, plus a hidden gem of comic's Golden Age:An interview with Gene Luen Yang, the writer and artist of the two-part graphic novel Boxers and Saints, which follows two Chinese teens who grow up during the Boxer Rebellion.

Interview: Dan the Automator (Deltron 3030): An interview with Dan the Automator, who recently launched a Deltron 3030-themed beer named after the first album cut "Positive Contact."

Danielle Chang brings LuckyRice to S.F.: An interview with Danielle Chang, the founder of the LuckyRice Festival, an Asian food fair that started in Brooklyn and is coming to SF at the beginning of September.

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