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Banksy Remixed To Protest Cops' Alleged Role In Motorcycle Rampage Assault: A group of artist activists has "borrowed" Banksy's iconic stenciling style to create a mural at the Washington Heights spot where SUV driver Alexian Lien was attacked by a group of enraged motorcyclists.

When Your Kid Says Something Racist: Kathy Khang's four-year old son was recovering in the hospital when racial slurs were thrown at him across the hospital room.

What's So 'Chinese' About A Chinese Fire Drill?: A "Chinese fire drill" is a classic car prank that's been popular since the 1960s. But what exactly makes it Chinese?

The Asian-American Obsession With Top-Tier Colleges Needs to Stop: Justin Chan responds to Allison Singh's recent list of colleges for parents of "high achieving Asian American students." But does that really raise one's standing in American society, or within the Asian community? Justin Chan doesn't think so.

Kevin G. From "Mean Girls" Grew Up: Remember Rajiv Surendra, the guy who played Kevin Gnapoor ("Math Enthusiast/Bad-Ass M.C.") in Mean Girls? Yeah, he kind of grew up.

Six Lessons from Street Food Pioneer Roy Choi: In Roy Choi's new memoir, the Kogi food truck impresario lovingly describes the role of food, traditions, taking risks, and exploring your city. Here are six lessons Choi learned on his way to becoming a leading chef on the streets.

N.Y. Chinatown Family Finds Roots In Early Chinese Cinema: Douglas Lee's family has sold insurance in New York City's Chinatown since the 1930s, and has had business ventures since 1888, when the Lees had a grocery store. 125 years later, Douglas and his sister Sandra discovered their grandfather's old ledger book -- and a forgotten part of family history. He was involved with the New York Chinese Film Exchange, which distributed Chinese language films to theaters serving immigrant moviegoers.

Once Undocumented, Now an Immigrant Advocate: Once an undocumented immigrant from the Philippines, Angelo Mathay understands the plight of those who are in his former position.

RNC targets Asian voters in Virginia governor's race: The Republican National Committee is increasing efforts to reach Asians in the Virginia governor's race, spending about $90,000 to buy TV, radio and print ads across Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian and Filipino media ahead of the November 5 off-year election.

The Walking Dead Gets Simpsonized in Eerily Good Fan Art: The Walking Dead characters in the style of The Simpsons, including Glenn and Maggie (note Glenn is a different shade of Simpsons yellow).

Steven Yeun - The Funny Side Of A Zombie Fighter: Steven Yeun talks about his background in comedy and how he uses his Chicago improv training every day-- including when he plays Glenn on The Walking Dead.

Building Strength: The Grassroots Growth of Asian American Hip-Hop In L.A. and Beyond: As one of the Mountain Brothers, Scott "Chops" Jung was one of the pioneers of Asian American hip hop, and just successfully funded the upcoming compilation Strength in Numbers.

Nerd Alert: An interview with lawyer-turned-rapper Eugene Ahn aka Adam WarRock, who's carving out his own nerdy, unique niche in hip hop. His latest album, The Middle of Nowhere, drops Tuesday.

Ang Lee and James Schamus: Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee recently joined his long-time screenwriter and President of Focus Features James Schamus for this conversation about Lee's work at Wellesley College.

NICE GIRLS CREW!: Good news if you're a fan of Nice Girls Crew: the second season of the wacky webseries is now available for free on Comcast. Here's an interview with the cast and crew.

'Scrubs' Director Makes Chinese-Language Homecoming: Henry Chan has spent most of his career in the U.S., directing episodes of Scrubs and Lizzie McGuire. He traveled to Taiwan to direct 100 Days, a romantic comedy and his first Chinese-language feature film.

Al Leong: death becomes him: Hollywood's ultimate screen henchman and superior stuntman (and Awesome Asian Bad Guy) on how he perfected the art of dying. And dying. And dying.

Colin Oyama Wants to Fight: The former trainer of mixed martial arts legends Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson on the champions, his career and the future of the sport.

Hanging in the Balance with Sophia Chang: Sophia Chang is a TV and music producer, student coach, and active community member -- how does she balance it all?

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