What do you want to learn to do in 100 days?

Video shows paralyzed woman learning to walk again.

Remember Karen X. Cheng? She's the woman who gave herself one year to becoming a better dancer, chronicling her progress and posting the results in this time-lapse video, which went viral.

The overwhelming positive response she got from the video inspired Karen and co-founder Finbarr Taylor to start up 100, a platform that helps people find motivation and support to accomplish a goal or learn a new skill.

The 100-day challenge is simple: you choose something to get better at for 100 days, and share a 10-second video of your progress ever day. There's the stuff you might expect, like a guy learning to play the guitar, a woman hitting the gym every day, a girl training her puppy to do tricks.

Then there's this woman, Cynthia, who was paralyzed from the neck down and learned to walk again:

Cheng says, "A child doesn't notice when she's growing taller. It's the same way when you're learning something. It happens so gradually, you hardly notice you're getting better." 100 is for folks who want capture the moment when you embark on a journey, when you suck, and every moment after that, so one day -- hopefully, Day 100 -- you can look back and realize how far you've come.

Get started with your with 100-day journey here.

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