Angry Gift Guide: Donate to HYPHEN

Help Hyphen continue telling the stories of Asian America

For the last ten years, Hyphen has been holding it down as Asian America's only national print and online magazine, bringing you fresh, unique and thoughtful content from all corners of our community.

It's a labor of love. Each issue is a marvelous work of art and storytelling, but they apparently scrape by to barely afford each print run. Hyphen makes it all happen with very little money, the sweat of an army of volunteers, and the continued support of people like you. Can you help keep Hyphen going strong?

As you think about your year-end giving, consider donating to Hyphen. Your contributions will help pay for all the awesome content that goes into future issues, and in return, you will be showered with Thank You Gifts, mad appreciation, and the stories from Asian America that no one else is telling.

That's a pretty awesome gift. You can make a donation online or make out a check to "CAA" (Chinese for Affirmative Action, Hyphen's fiscal sponsor) and send it to:

ATTN: Development
17 Walter U. Lum Place
San Francisco,CA 94108

More here: Support HYPHEN!

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