Contestant's blind guess kicks ass on 'Wheel of Fortune'

Emil pulls the right out answer out of his butt, wins $45,000

Call it luck. Call it skillz. Call it being graced with the blessing of the game show gods. This guy solving a near-impossible final Wheel of Fortune puzzle with a crazy first guess is the stuff dreams are made of.

Wheel of Fortune Contestant Solves Impossible Puzzle With First Guess

Watch Emil's reaction -- hell, everybody's reaction -- as he pulls the correct answer, seemingly, from out of his butt with just two letters, surprising the crap out of everyone. He runs away with a cool $45,000, but not first without a pat-down from host Pat Sajak. Give that man his money:

I love how he blurts out the correct answer on his first try, and nobody has any idea how to react. There's a delay on the puzzle board -- the guy running the switches was probably already packing up to go home, thinking there was no way this poor guy was going to get it. When Emil's friends rush the stage, Pat just has to get the hell out of the way. This is a celebration that's about to get crunk.

"NEW BABY BUGGY." Ya damn right. Even Sajak says it was the most amazing solve he's seen in over 30 years:

UPDATE: Well, that was quick. Check out Emil DeLeon, aka the "Wheel of Fortune Teller" on Ellen:

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