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A Parting Shot at U.S. Ambassador, Inspired by Mao: For real? In a parting shot at the outgoing U.S. ambassador to China, the state-run China News Service called Gary Locke, among other things, a "banana."

Ken Jennings Talks to Arthur Chu About the Life of a Jeopardy! Master: 74-time Jeopardy! winner Ken Jennings reached out to reigning champ Arthur Chu to ask him about his polarizing win streak. By the way, according to Jennings, the Arthur Chu equivalent of "Linsanity" is "Chu-phoria."

As An Adoptee Of Color, I'm Supposed To Just Be Grateful For My "White Card": Korean adoptee Christina Majaski says that if you call out adoption practices, or that a whole hell of a lot of people out there are racist, you become an ungrateful traitor to the white people who raised you.

Colorblind Notion Aside, Colleges Grapple With Racial Tension: Racist incidents at the University of Michigan, Arizona State, UCLA, the University of Mississippi, and Dartmouth (to name a few) are apt reminders that we definitely do not live in a colorblind, post-racial society.

Do Western Names Translate to Better Quality Lives?: "The most noteworthy difference between being Boyoung and being Chloe is that people literally perceive me as more foreign when I'm the former."

To Play The Part, Actors Must Talk The Talk - In Chinese: NPR on the role of languages and accents -- part of the Asian American actor's "toolkit" -- for those playing "authentic" Asian characters.

Why the mainstream media fails writers of color: The VIDA count is an annual tally of gender disparities in major literary publications and book reviews. Writer Aimee Phan puts out a blast for a count on race as well.

Amy Chua Can Learn a LOT from Her New Haven Neighbors, by Frank Chi: Political consultant Frank Chi grew up in New Haven, and talks about the "minority-majority city with a vibrant multicultural history" that Amy Chua seems to ignore in her latest book's conclusions.

Finding the Balance Between an Asian and American Identity: Mam Non provides a support program for Asian adoptees and their parents through cultural events, peer relationships, and encouraging positive Asian American identities.

Missing Polygons: Asians, Race, and Video Games: Bao Phi asks a question no one seems to be asking: "If there are so many Asians who work in the game industry and play games, why are there so few Asian characters?"

Studio Visit: Oliver Wang: The L.A.-based music critic-scholar talks to the Asian American Writers' Workshop about border crossing, his "West Coast vibe," and why we should leave the guilt and take the pleasure.

Why Glenn is My Favorite 'Walking Dead' Character Or Personal Growth in the Post-Apocalypse "Glenn is my guy... Because more than anyone, he's used the End of Days as an opportunity for personal growth."

True Detective Director Cary Fukunaga's Journey from Pro Snowboarder to Hollywood's Most Wanted: A chat with red-hot filmmaker Cary Fukunaga, who has become one of the most coveted filmmakers in Hollywood after helming two excellent features, and all eight episodes of HBO's potboiler True Detective.

Always Foreign, Always Brown: An interview with Sri Lankan-born, Crown Heights-based DJ Ushka, in which the artist/activist discusses Brooklyn gentrification, global bass, and Edward Said.

Iconoclastic Musician Takes Measure Of His Life: 'I Became A Fighter': Fred Ho is an accomplished musician and political activist. In hospice while dealing with stage four colorectal cancer, he sits with Kat Chow of The Code Switch to reflect on his life.

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