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The Campaign to "Cancel" Colbert: Jay Caspian Kang breaks down the now-infamous "Ching-Chong Ding-Dong" joke, the #CancelColbert Twitter campaign, and the savvy activist that set if off.

Stephen Colbert, Racism and the Weaponized Hashtag: Jeff Yang's latest "Tao Jones" column offers another take on #CancelColbert, the power and the limitations of Twitter as a tool for social change, and what might be "the beginning of the end of Asian America's fascination with hashtag activism."

The Economic Truth About the 'Model Minority': Since the 1960s, the term "model minority" was coined to typecast the API community and pit people of color against each other. But as a recent report by the Center for American Progress concludes, the term masks economic disparities and hardships within the community.

The Model Minority is a Lever of White Supremacy: "Anti-black racism may be the fulcrum, or pivot point, of white supremacy, but the model minority myth is one of white supremacy's many levers."

Tender care and a painful goodbye to Kim Pham: Kim Pham, the 23-year-old who was fatally attacked outside of a Santa Ana nightclub, was sent to St. Joseph Hospital to be treated. The hospital staff talks about their experience tending to Pham in her final days.

A San Francisco restaurant walking tour of the Leland Yee Saga: Like folks have been saying, the investigation on State Senator Leland Yee reads straight out of a crime novel. Now you can take a restaurant walking tour of where his shady deals went now.

LeiLani Nishime explores the Asian American experience in her new book: LeiLani Nishime's new book, Undercover Asian: Multiracial Americans in Visual Culture examines how multiracial Asian Americans are represented in mass media.

After 18 Years As YingYing, I've Decided To Change My Name To Something "American: Growing up, YingYing's name was constantly butchered and distorted. So she decided to change it.

Asian-American Rabbi Changes The Face Of Judaism: New York's Central Synagogue is one of the most prominent synagogues in the country, and its new leader is going to be an Asian-American woman.

New Orleans schools struggle to communicate with parents who speak Spanish and Vietnamese: Recently, the Vietnamese American Young Leaders Association (VAYLA) and the Asian American Legal Defense Education Fund filed a federal complaint against two New Orleans school districts for not providing enough federally mandated translation services for the booming Spanish- and English-speaking populations.

Dear Filipino Organizers Erased by the Cesar Chavez Movement: Writer and community organizer Bino Realuyo responds to the anger over the absence of Filipino representation in the newly released movie biopic about labor leader and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez.

Racism, Sexism, and Hannibal: Eat The Rude: Hetienne Park, who plays crime scene investigator Beverly Katz on NBC's serial killer drama Hannibal responds to recent online criticism of show's writers for being racist and sexist. Warning: There's a huge spoiler.

Why It Matters When Asian Women Leave TV Shows: This article contains spoilers for last week's episode of Hannibal as well as casting information for next season on Glee and Grey's Anatomy.

The Gourmet Invasivore's Dilemma: An innovative sushi chef named Bun Lai has a new strategy in the war on invasive species: if you can't beat 'em, plate 'em. Feral hog sashimi, anyone?

Throwback Thursday: The Time Roger Fan Left 'Sex' for a Better (Luck) Tomorrow: The production process of Philip Chung's latest play brought back memories of his first full-length play, Laughter joy & loneliness & sex & sex & sex & sex.

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