75-year-old man pleads insanity in double murder case

James Pak is accused of fatally shooting two teenagers over parking dispute

Follow-up on this story out of Maine... This week in York County Superior Court, a 75-year-old man pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in the fatal shooting of two teenagers in December 2012.

Biddeford landlord pleads insanity in killing of teens

James Pak faces two counts of murder in the deaths of 19-year-Derrick Thompson and 18-year-old Alivia Welch, who were shot to death in the apartment where Thompson lived with his mother, who was also wounded in the shooting, but survived. According to authorities, Pak shot them after a dispute over parking.

Pak had initially pleaded not guilty last year to two counts of murder. He is also accused of aggravated attempted murder and elevated aggravated assault for allegedly shooting Johnson's mother, and burglary for breaking into the apartment.

Pak is accused of shooting Thompson, Welch and Johnson just minutes after Biddeford police had left the apartment. Police had been called to investigate a dispute between Pak and Thompson, but left after determining that the argument didn't warrant police action.

Court documents say Pak waited for police to leave, got a gun, opened the door to the apartment and said: "I am going to shoot you. I am going to shoot you all."

He shot Johnson first, then Thompson, then Welch, court documents say.

Johnson suffered gunshot wounds to the back and arm but survived. She called 911 after the shootings, but the two teenagers were dead by the time emergency responders arrived.

The defense's case is likely to focus on James Pak's tough upbringing, being separated from his family as young child and becoming orphaned during the Korean War. But if Pak is found not criminally responsible for the shooting deaths, he would likely spend the rest of his life in the custody of the state.

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