Fund This: Bambu's 'Party Worker'

Latest full-length album from Los Angeles hip hop artist

Music for the people! Los Angeles-based hip hop artist Bambu is known for his provocative, explosive, street-wise lyrics and people-powered music. He's working on his latest full-length album and book, Party Worker, and he's making it happen by putting the power in your hands with a Kickstarter campaign.

Here's "Welcome to the Party,", the first official music video from Party Worker:

Here are some details on what your pledge gets you, in Bambu's own words:

more so than my militant, provocatory lyrics and avid bashing of the status quo, i’m known for making quality music and visuals on a shoestring budget. so imagine cutting straight to the chase and contributing to a project that is powered by people like you! my career as an artist has always relied on giving the community what it wants, and oftentimes, what they may not be aware they need. what the community needs is music that will uplift and challenge us, without commercial interference. i know how much a dollar can stretch when circulated through the right channels, and this is the first campaign where change is truly in your hands.

with your contribution, you will witness the actual making of a project that will guarantee exclusive content directly from the studio sessions, live video streaming, “first listens” and a chance to get up-close-and-personal with my creative process. you’ll travel with bambu and dj phatrick to meet actual workers - the everyday heroes that inspire my music the most: the people. instead of recording music the old-fashioned way and relying on outdated avenues to promote, you’ll actually influence the course of production with your input and make every decision count because it wouldn’t be possible without you!

This is going to be a good album. The goal is to raise $25,000 by June 9. [And guess what? They've already reached it!] This is your chance to pledge and pre-order the album, plus get in on some cool Kickstarter rewards. (Seriously, how about the $100 credit to eat at Roy Choi's restaurant POT in Los Angeles?)

To learn more about Party Worker, and to make a pledge to the album, go to the project's Kickstarter. For further information about Bambu and his music, head over to his official website.

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