Wanted: New Lead Singer for The Slants

Portland-based all-Asian American dance rock band seeks new vocalist

Heads up. Do you have what it takes to rock with The Slants? After seven years of melting faces with three full-length albums and nearly two dozen tours and over 300 live shows around North America, the first and only all-Asian American Portland-based dance rock band is looking for a new lead singer.

The band wants a singer -- male or female -- who can kick ass with them as they spread their special brand of "Chinatown Dance Rock." You don't even have to live in the Portland area (though it's preferred). Here are some more details on who they're looking for:

The band is looking for a new Asian American singer (male or female) who can be committed to keeping and growing the momentum behind the band. The perfect singer is one who can perform at least 5 shows per month, do weekend regional tours, tour 2-4 weeks per year, has a dynamic stage presence, isn't afraid to help take the band in new directions, and cares about social justice issues. We're not looking for a clone of our current singer and we'd love to explore new frontiers with sounds or experiences. You don't have to live in Portland, OR or even in the Pacific Northwest (although its preferred)- as long as you think you can meet the commitments.

The band has a lot of fun touring, visiting new and interesting places, and having new experiences. The fans are extremely loyal and energetic. The band plays at many clubs, as well as anime/video game/geek conventions, prisons, colleges, military bases, cultural festivals, and more. Sometimes, audiences can be as large as 10,000 or as few as 100 - either way, the band is all about putting on the best show possible.

If you think you could be the next singer for The Slants, get more information and fill out the form here.

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