The Rockets only want one Number 7. And it's not Jeremy Lin.

Houston tries to woo Carmelo Anthony with an image of Melo in a Rockets jersey -- Jeremy Lin's jersey

So... the Rockets are hosting Carmelo Anthony today in an attempt to woo the free agent to Houston. The Toyota Center's video marquee was illuminated with a Photoshopped image envisioning Carmelo in a Rockets uniform. The problem: Carmelo the Hypothetical Rocket is wearing a No. 7 jersey -- Jeremy Lin's number.

Sorry Jeremy Lin, if Carmelo Anthony signs with the Rockets, you're giving up your number

It's the number Carmelo wore for the Knicks. But in Houston, that number currently belongs to Jeremy Lin, who is actually on the Rockets roster. In my opinion, the gesture is a big middle finger to our favorite Asian American point guard, whose future with the team has been a major subject of recent trade rumors.

It's no small secret that the Rockets would likely to have shed Jeremy Lin to make space for Carmelo Anthony's contract. The rumors put Jeremy in an awkward spot, but today's stunt sends the message, loud and clear.

It's just plain disrespect. At the very least, it's inconsiderate as hell. And on Twitter, Jeremy made it fairly clear he felt disrespected, but opted to take the high road in the matter:

Stay strong, Jeremy.

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