Ex-Apple employee Sam Sung sells business card for charity

Sam Sung's eBay auction raises $2,653 for The Children's Wish Foundation

Sung. Sam Sung. You've probably seen the business card of the former Apple employee, who happens to bear the name of Apple's biggest rival. Funny. While the image went viral in 2012, Mr. Sung recent put his notoriety to good use by auctioning off the now-infamous card and raising more than $2,500 for charity.

Ex-Apple worker Sam Sung's irony nets $2,653 (for charity)

Sung, a former employee at an Apple store in Vancouver, auctioned off his business card on eBay and raised $2,653 ($2,907 in Canadian currency) to help benefit The Children's Wish Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of children with serious illnesses.

For a minute, it looked like the card was going to fetch $80,000, but that turned out to be fake.

For a short time, the auction shot up to more than $80,000 as a result of fake bids. Sung poked fun at the inflated number when signing a giant check with the correct amount.

The Internet went wild in 2012 after hearing a guy bearing the name of Apple's biggest competitor was actually working for Apple.

"I'm so pleased at the amount that was raised," Sung told CNBC in an email, "and, according to Children's Wish, anything over $2000 is considered a major gift. So for me, that's a major win and it will go towards granting a terminally ill child's wish."

The winner also received Sam's old uniform and lanyard.

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