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Literally Marginalized: Nonwhite People at the Edges of TV Cast Photos: "It's fall TV premiere time! ... And if there's one thing network TV loves, it's white people. White people solving crimes, white people falling in love, white people just learning a lot about themselves. But TV loves nonwhite people too. Specifically, it loves them to stand back and to the side. A little further. Fuuurrrther. There we go."

The Screen-Dad Diaries Episode Two: Eagle, Helicopter, Anchor : Wall Street Journal columnist Jeff Yang shares his latest update from Hollywood, where he has been learning the ropes of being Screen Dad to kid actor son Hudson Yang, star of the ABC sitcom Fresh Off The Boat.

Forty Days of Pasta: TV Writer Thomas Reyes purchased a Never Ending Pasta Pass -- entitling him to eat unlimited pasta at Olive Garden for seven weeks -- and is blogging about it. Heaven help him.

Jeremy Lin Says He Spurned Millions of Dollars in Linsanity Era : Jeremy Lin said he left tens of millions of dollars on the table by not accepting the endorsement opportunities he was offered during the height of the "Linsanity" era in New York two years ago.

Why Our Movements Need #InternetFreedom: Media maker, artist, and activist Betty Yu makes a case for net neutrality to counter corporate-controlled media, and the Internet's role in helping level the playing field.

The Mash-Up Americans: "Do you secretly want to eat spaghetti with chopsticks? Do you have to explain to your in-laws why they shouldn't bring prosciutto to Shabbat? Is your first language Spanglish? Welcome home. Here at The Mash-Up Americans, we get it. Poke around, read our stories, and watch our videos. Let's all fall down an internet wormhole together. (Not pervy, promise.)"

The iPhone 6 Lines Weren't Actually Filled With the 'Chinese Mafia': You saw the video. "Chinese Mafia," my ass. Those folks camped out waiting to purchase the new iPhone 6 were likely just some ordinary low-income folks from Chinatown trying to make some extra cash.

Why I Collect Racism: Frank H. Wu, Chancellor and Dean of UC Hastings College of the Law, shares about why he is amassing a collection of historical racist ephemera, from xenopobic pamphlets to anti-Asian posters.

How Eighth Avenue Became Chinese: Urbanist Tarry Hum's new book on Sunset Park looks at the economic, cultural and land use shifts in the waterfront Brooklyn neighborhood.

Q. & A. | Maya Lin on Saving the Planet Through Art: Thirty years after designing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Maya Lin is working on what she calls her "last memorial": What is Missing?, a nonprofit that blends art and science to raise awareness about the ongoing loss of biodiversity and natural habitats.

Here's why millions of Americans are binge-watching Korean dramas: When DramaFever, an online streaming service specializing in TV series and films from Asia, launched with just four employees, co-founders Suk Park and Seung Bak weren't expecting things to take off quite like they did.

I Had a Stroke at 33: On New Year's Eve 2007, a clot blocked one half of Christine Hyung-Oak Lee's brain from the other. She writes about the experience, and how her reality would never be the same again.

I'm 25 and My Hair Is Falling Out: Actor, dancer, and writer Jackie Nguyen writes about losing her hair at 25.

The dangerous seduction of the rich boyfriend: Lisa Ling, executive producer and host of CNN's news documentary series This Is Life, talks about her own experience of being seduced by the sugar baby lifestyle.

Paula Yoo on How to Publicize Your Children's Book: Children's book writer Paula Yoo speaks from her experience and shares some advice to new authors on publicizing your first book.

The Karate Kid Turns 30: The Japanese American National Museum recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of The Karate Kid, reuniting the cast and crew for a screening and tribute to star Pat Morita.

Boys Puzzle Through Twists And Turns In 'Maze Runner': Actor Ki Hong Lee, who appears in the new film The Maze Runner, talks to NPR about how he broke into acting, and Asian Americans in Hollywood.

John Cho Reflects on His Career: John Cho's latest role is as a marketing guru in ABC's new sitcom Selfie. Momo Chang interviews him with burning questions from CAAM readers.

Play shines a light on mental illness in Korean community: Julia Cho's play 99 Histories explores how a Korean immigrant mother and her American-born daughter confront -- and deny -- mental illness.

Child Prodigy Cellist Justin Yu Meets Ellen; He's Brilliant And Charming All At Once: Watch 7-year-old cello prodigy Justin Yu perform on Ellen and charm the socks off of everyone.

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