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#FergusonOctober: Communities of Color for Justice Together: 18 Million Rising, in collaboration with Presente.org, recently launched a digital collection of stories about the struggle for justice in Ferguson. Tell them why Ferguson and cross-racial solidarity matters to you.

Dispatch from Ferguson: Convenience Store Owners Talk Race: Deepa Iyer traveled to Ferguson to join a group of South Asians, Muslims, and Asian Americans for the National Weekend of Resistance. There and in St. Louis, she spoke to a few convenience store owners to talk about race.

The Racial Justice Movement Needs a Model Minority Mutiny: "It is time for Asian Americans to unleash model minority mutiny, link arms with the struggle for black liberation, and together, finally turn the world right side up." Soya Jung says it's time to kill the programming.

How both Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart got it really wrong on Asian Americans: Reappropriate's Jenn Fang on how both Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart got it wrong when they had a debate about white privilege.

How a SWAT Team Upended My Baby's Life - and Got Away with It: When a Georgia SWAT team threw a flash bang grenade into a child's crib during a drug raid gone wrong, Alecia Phonesavanh's two-year-old son was seriously injured, but her nightmare didn't end there.

American couple held in Qatar in child's death may soon resolve case: An update on the case of the Huangs, an American couple living in Qatar who were charged with wrongdoing in the death of their adopted daughter. The couple hopes to return to the U.S. next week after a two-year legal nightmare.

Of Gamers, Gates, and Disco Demolition: The Roots of Reactionary Rage: How are YouTube videos criticizing sexist video games important enough to threaten a school shooting? Read the #GamerGate tag and realize that underneath the anger is fear.

Most States Are Failing on Asian American Representation: Last week, the New American Leaders Project (NALP) released a report that surveyed state legislators to determined the number of Asian American and Latino elected officials currently in state government. Here are their findings.

Why Candidates Shouldn't Ignore Asian-American Voters: Asians and Pacific Islanders are a fast-growing population, and as a voting bloc, their numbers have nearly doubled to 3.9 million voters since 2000, but political candidates continue to ignore them, according to a new study.

New Numbers Reveal Asian Wage Gap in Tech: While Asian Americans are well-represented in tech, new research finds that Asian workers average less in salary each year compared to their white coworkers.

Twins separated at birth reveal their incredible reunion story: Samantha Feterman and Anais Bordier were separated at birth in South Korea but reunited 25 years later. They share their story in a new book.

A Korean Adoptee Starts the Search for Her Birth Family: Freelance writer and editor Heather Schultz is currently on a three-week trip to South Korea, where she is researching her birth family's stories in the hopes of finding them and reconnecting with her country of birth.

Why I Changed My Korean Name-And Why I Changed It Back: "Butchered in foreign tongues, 'Seonjae' did not have the beauty and power that accompanied it back in Seoul."

Michigan in Color: The Unbearable Weight of Sunlight: In this op-ed piece for 'Michigan in Color,' Anitha Menon reflects on skin color and beauty standards within the household and beyond.

Finding My Voice Through Cartoons: Vishavjit Singh, the man behind Sikhtoons and Sikh Captain America, talks about how his spark for cartooning came from a cartoon in the aftermath of 9/11.

A tale of sex, greed and Filipinos on Coney Island: An excerpt from journalist Claire Prentice's new book, The Lost Tribe of Coney Island: Headhunters, Luna Park, and the Man Who Pulled Off the Spectacle of the Century, a true story of what happened when a group of Igorottes, a tribespeople from the Philippines, was brought to the U.S. by an opportunistic showman.

Will Letter for Lunch: One Woman's Plan to Hand-Write Menus in Exchange for Food: Enterprising graphic designer Lauren Hom was hungry, so she launched Will Letter for Lunch, a project in which she exchanges hand-lettering restaraunts' specials for a meal.

Meet BuzzFeed's Secret Weapon: Meet Dao Nguyen. She helped BuzzFeed quintuple traffic in two years. The secrets behind how she became one of the most important and beloved BuzzFeeders.

The Hollywood Mamalogues: Let Me Tell You My Stage Mom Story: Comedian/actress Amy Anderson talks about becoming a stage mom for her daughter, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, who plays Lily on Modern Family.

In The World Of Chefs, Asian-American Women Are Turning Up The Heat: While food writers have argued that Asian American chefs are "having a moment," they often point to the men in the industry. Here are a few Asian American women chefs that you should know about.

A 'Homeland' We Pakistanis Don't Recognize: In this New York Times op-ed, Bina Shah tries to find verisimilitude in how her home country Pakistan is depicted in the Showtime series Homeland.

Jeremy Lin takes sane approach to his opportunity with the Lakers: Jeremy Lin is no stranger to the spotlight -- yes, we all remember the Knicks, we all remember "Linsanity" -- but now he's trying to shake off two sprained ankles to become the point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Sony Pictures' Flash Boys: A Casting Call to Action: As Michael Lewis' book Flash Boys is being adapted to film, John Entrada asks producers not to whitewash the narrative's real-life Asian American characters.

The Fu Manchu Complex, And Today's Anxieties About China: The author of The Yellow Peril: Dr. Fu Manchu and the Rise of Chinaphobia, tracks past and present anxieties about China through media.

Rappers with Cameras: Geo (aka Prometheus Brown of the Blue Scholars) has teamed up with Thig Nat from The Physics to start a new project, Rappers with Cameras, to showcase their artistry to the community through images and visual stories.

Jin Breaks Down 'XIV:LIX': MC Jin's next album will be released a decade removed, nearly to the day, from his major label debut. From New York to Hong Kong and back again, he's found his stride.

'Dear White People's Naomi Ko on Avoiding the Asian Representation Trap and Being a Millennial of Color: An interview with actress Naomi Ko, who plays Sungmi in 'Dear White People.'

The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun Thinks You're Watching the Show All Wrong : Steven Yeun of The Walking Dead talks about Glenn's transformation, the increasing presence of Asian Americans on television, and the secrets behind all that post-apocalyptic grime.

Arden Cho Grows up, and Kicks Butt, on "Teen Wolf": Arden Cho, who plays Kira on Teen Wolf, shares about her experiences growing up in Texas, what nurtured her passion for acting, and her own perception and hope towards the media landscape and its representation of the Asian American narrative.

22 Asian Actors Who Deserve To Be Romantic Leading Men: BuzzFeed serves up a list of Asian American eye candy. "Because John Cho can not be our only, and last, dreamy Asian lead on network TV."

There Was A "Gilmore Girls" Reunion With Lane Kim's Band And It Was Adorable: Gilmore Girls fans -- if you haven't heard, there was a reunion with Lane Kim's band (Hep Alien) and, yes, it was adorable.

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