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SF tour guide: Racist rant was 'satirical comedic portion': The San Francisco tour guide behind the racist tour bus rant that got caught on video now claims that her off-color tirade was "a joke that went terribly wrong."

Dialogue, Identity and 'How Do You Pronounce That?' "My name is not a stumbling block, but an opportunity for dialogue and a chance to affirm my identity. It is a small but vital step as I continue to grapple with the question of what it means to be a South Asian American today."

Rinku Sen and Jeff Chang Discuss His Latest, 'Who We Be': Jeff Chang's Who We Be: The Colorization of America is a history of racialized culture clashes of the last 50 years. Jeff sits down with Colorlines' Rinku Sen to talk about the book, why he's obsessed with culture, and how he writes.

"It Wasn't Written for Me": A Conversation About Asian Americans and the Media: Writers Sarah Jeong and Nicole Callahan share an e-mail conversation on the challenges of writing about Asian Americans.

Mark Zuckerberg: the Next Great Chinese Rapper? : "Mark Zuckerberg's ability to communicate with a foreign people in their own language should not be seen as a remarkable feat deserving of praise, but should instead become as a basic expectation for American citizens in order to build the strongest possible American future: that all Americans should strive for the aptitude and the openness to engage other nations on their own terms, the way that other nations have so unquestioningly and for so many years engaged America on her terms."

For a Nisei sisterhood, it's yesterday once more: In 1949, seven young Japanese American girls found refuge from exclusion and racism, forming a social club called the Atomettes. 65 years later, they're still friends.

This backcountry cook you've never heard of is a legend at Yosemite National Park: When Yenyen Chan took a job as a park ranger at Yosemite, she knew little about the park's immigrant past. So, she went digging and learned about the critical role Chinese workers played in shaping the national park.

Japanese-Americans recall baseball glory during internment camp years: The Nisei Baseball Research Project, which uses baseball to help bring awareness and educate the public about the Japanese American internment camps, recently commemorated a 70-year-old baseball series they played during one of the saddest chapters of America's history.

Le Minh Thai, Vietnam war photographer, dies in US: Le Minh Thai, a photojournalist who covered the Vietnam War for The Associated Press and Time Life, died on October 10. He was 93.

Before We Embrace Gwen Stefani's Comeback, She Owes Us An Apology: Gwen Stefani's making a comeback, but some of us haven't forgotten how she paraded racist stereotypes for her first solo album.

The Bamboo Ceiling in the Tech Sector Is a Story About Race: Recent reports indicate a lack of racial and gender diversity at major tech companies, rekindling a discussion about the 'bamboo ceiling.'

A Domestic Violence Lawyer With a Big Idea: Meet Tia Katrina Taruc Canlas, a novice domestic violence lawyer with a plan: to bring civil suits against domestic abusers, not just criminal ones.

Get-out-the-vote, LA style: Phone bank operators work in 17 Asian languages: A look into Asian Americans Advancing Justice's phone banking campaign, made possibly by volunteers who speak at least one of the myriad languages spoken in Los Angeles.

24 Hours With A Comic Con Character: Dressing up in crazy costumes, traveling the world, posing for photos -- and getting paid to do it. Welcome to the life of a professional cosplay character, what 31-year-old Linda Le, popularly known as "Vampy," does for a living.

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Trailer Investigation - Who's THAT Girl? Sharp-eyed fans caught a glimpse of Korean actress Kim Soo-hyun in the new trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Who is she playing?

Two Teenage Girls Have Invented the Most Powerful Video Game of the Year: 17-year-old Sophie Houser and 16-year-old Andy Gonzales created a video game called Tampon Run, in which a character throws tampons at people... but also teaches girls to be comfortable with their bodies.

Hope and Connection in Unexpected Places: Michael Cho Talks 'Shoplifter': Michael Cho's first graphic novel Shoplifter explores consumer culture, isolated life in the big city, and young adult growing pains.

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