Yet another 'SNL' sketch about Asians... with no actual Asians

NBC's sketch comedy show skewers North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un

Really, Saturday Night Live? Yellowface again? Mm, nobody was rocking grotesque skin makeup or had their eyes pulled back, but over the weekend, NBC's perennial sketch comedy show kicked off its latest episode with a sketch about North Korea. So, of course, it included a bunch of white actors playing Asians.

The sketch features Bobby Moynihan as North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, who has been out of the public eye for more than a month, setting off international speculation about his health and/or the state of the North Korea leadership. SNL saw it as a good opportunity for some comedy. Sure, why not?

But as you can see, as usual, not an actual Asian face in sight:

At least nobody's trying to do a mock Korean accent.

This is pretty much the same criticism that comes up every time Saturday Night Live does a sketch involving North Korea, China or whatever Asian nation/person/thing of the moment. Without any actual cast members -- or even background (or foreground) extras -- of Asian descent, this will keep happening, and it's damn awkward.

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