PAAFF'14: Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

November 12-22, 2014

Film lovers of Philadelphia! I would be remiss if I did not help spread the word about this year's edition of the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival, running November 12-22 at the International House of Philadelphia in University City and Asian Arts Initiative in Chinatown North. The 7th annual PAAFF includes 16 features, 5 free shorts programs and a host of new peripheral programming.

Here's the festival trailer:

Here are some programming highlights:

A Leading Man
I-House, Wednesday, Nov 12th at 7PM

When a young and talented Chinese American actor is fired from his starring role on a television show, he attempts to salvage his career by sleeping with a successful casting director.

Family Ingredients
I-House, Thursday, Nov 13th at 6:30PM

Join host Chef Ed Kenny as he travels the path of ancestors, from Hawaii to the homeland in this TV pilot of an Emmy Award-winning food genealogy travel show that explores the links between ethnic heritage and culinary cuisine.

I-House, Thursday, Nov 13th at 8:30PM

When Elementary School administrator Jumpei Taneda finds out he is sterile, he is thrust into an existential crisis that turns his life upside down.

Awesome Asian Bad Guys
I-House, Friday, Nov 14th at 6:00PM

Bad guys are awesome, especially Asian ones! American movies in the 80s and 90s always had hard-hitting Asian bad guys in flicks like Die Hard, Bloodsport, and Karate Kid 2.

Uzumasa Limelight
I-House, Friday, Nov 14th at 7:30PM

The Uzumasa studio complex in Kyoto is widely regarded as the Hollywood of Japan, having produced many of the best jidigeki films (period dramas with sword fighting) beloved by Japanese and the rest of the world.

Eat with Me
I-House, Saturday, Nov 15th at 2:15PM

Tired of being invisible in a bland marriage, Emma moves in with her son Elliot in his loft in downtown LA. Elliot is a chef at a lackluster Chinese restaurant facing foreclosure. Also, he's gay.

Farah Goes Bang
I-House, Saturday, Nov 15th at 6:30PM

During a cross-country road-trip campaigning for John Kerry in the 2004 Election, a Persian American woman in her twenties tries to lose her virginity.

I-House, Saturday, Nov 15th at 8:30PM

A determined young American woman named Audrey arrives in the Philippines with a mysterious mission, little money, and no chance of success.

Revenge of the Green Dragons
I-House, Saturday, Nov 15th at 10:30PM

When a gangland double cross threatens to ignite a war amongst the Asian American gangs of NYC, two friends must decide where their loyalties lie in this visually striking, high-octane thriller.

And there's a lot more where that came from. Support independent Asian American film! For further information about the festival, including the full schedule of screening and events, tickets and venue details, head over to the PAAFF'14 website.

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