Sound and Fury Podcast Episode 16: Ursula Liang

Hello, podcast listeners! We're back. It's been a looooong hiatus, but we're finally back with a long-delayed new episode of Sound and Fury: The Angry Asian Podcast. Episode 16 features journalist/filmmaker Ursula Liang, director of the sports documentary 9-Man, which is currently screening on the festival circuit.

Thanks to all the folks who have told me they're fans of the podcast. It's a struggle to get these out on a regular basis, but we're trying our best! To catch up on previous episodes, check out the archive. To stay up-to-date with future episodes as soon as they drop, be sure to subscribe. You can also find Sound and Fury on services like iTunes and Stitcher, where you can rate and review the show.

But without further ado, check out my conversation with Ursula Liang...

Episode 16: Ursula Liang

In episode sixteen, I talk to journalist/filmmaker Ursula Liang, director of the sports documentary 9-Man, about Chinatown street ball, Asian American masculinity, and teaching partygoers the Macarena.

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Some notes about this episode:

Big thanks to Ursula for taking the time out to chat. Special thanks goes to Sabzi for providing the music in this episode. And as always, huge thanks to all of you for listening. If you like the show, please share it. Sound and Fury is a labor of love. For future episodes and updates, be sure to subscribe. Stay Angry.

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